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5 Keys to your Virtual Presence
Scott Kuppersmith

In part two of this series I discussed picking the right avenue(s) to begin marketing your company. It is important that when people hear about you because of your marketing, that the image they first see matches or exceeds what they would be looking for. So often, businesses will advertise or drive someone to search their company on line all to feed their competitors new customers.

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“What do you mean, I’m not advertising for my competitors, I am advertising for me?”
Let me put it this way. Many main street businesses are advertising for their competitors.

When you see an ad for a product or service that you want, do you search that company on line? Do you check for reviews? If it is not easy to find the business on line do you then search other similar companies?

Most people do. I see businesses everyday that have the wrong address or wrong phone number on listing sites they never even knew existed. Listing sites that are higher ranked in google for what you are searching for, than the business itself. The person searching finds the business on a listing site along with their competitors. They call the business they first intended and might get a wrong number, they click for the website link that might be right or wrong or even missing. Now they start clicking competitors info. Even worse, someone finds them on whatever listing site it is but the physical address is wrong. Yes, this happens all the time. The odds are it has even happened to you. How do you feel about doing business with the company you first heard advertised that sparked your search?

I am not exaggerating when I say I see this EVERY DAY.

You might say, I don’t even post on listing sites. How could incorrect information get there in the first place. Sometimes the info comes from data aggregators, sometimes it is from the site author themselves doing incomplete research. Could even be from competitors. Yes, that happens as well.
Your business visibility and for that matter credibility are just as important as your personal credit score. Either could make or break you.

So lets look at the 5 keys to your virtual presence:


Listing sites must have the correct information -phone, address, hours, general info


Social media sites must all contain your physical address if you serve people at your location.


Social media sites MUST have your correct phone number


Website must have accurate information – I know you think this is a no brainer but some sites do not.


Information on your site must be up to date. For example – If you have a blog and post weekly or monthly that is fine. However, if you have not posted in a year I recommend you remove the dates from your blog posts at a minimum. better yet, add more blog posts. Yes, there are people who can do this for you.

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